The Pack A.D.’s Becky Black And Maya Miller Scream New Life Into Garage Rock

The huge vaulted brick room of Boston’s Waterworks Museum is filled with twisting pipes, oversized valves and the giant flywheel of pumps stilled since the plant went off line in the 1970s. But as The Pack A.D. revved into “Creepin’ Jenny,” the horsepower the duo from Vancouver, Canada, generated felt capable of starting up these dormant behemoths.

There were definitely the familiar aggressive and fuzzed-out strains of garage rock, but there was not the lack of sophistication that usually follows. Becky Black’s vocals are distinctive and thoughtful, and find a weird home in the wall of sound formed between her guitar and Maya Miller’s crashing drums.

They performed for Off The Record before their live show at Great Scott, two months into a tour supporting their latest release, “Do Not Engage.”

This article was originally published on April 14, 2014.


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