Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 41 Percent Of Mass. Residents Would Leave, Poll Finds

As if this late April cold front wasn’t enough of a giveaway, 41 percent of Massachusetts residents say they would leave the state if they could, according to a new Gallup poll.

The poll, which was conducted between June and December 2013, found that Massachusetts ranked eighth, in terms of residents who'd like to leave. Illinois and Connecticut ranked first and second, with 50 percent and 49 percent of residents, respectively, saying they’d get out of town if presented with the opportunity. Montana and Hawaii were at the bottom of the list, with only 23 percent of residents in each state saying that they would leave.

Though 41 percent of Massachusetts residents indicated a desire to leave, when asked whether or not they intended to move to a different state within the next 12 months, 87 percent said that it was “not too/not at all likely” they would move within that timeframe.

Nationwide, the most common reason cited for wanting to leave a given state was work/business-related issues, though no specific information was given on the state level for Massachusetts.

This got us thinking, and we’d love to hear from you. In light of the results from this poll, we want to know: What it is that keeps you in Massachusetts?

Let us know in the comments of this post, or tweet at us using the hashtag #WhyIStayMA on Twitter. We’ll continue to update this post with your answers.

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