How'd Your District Do On The 2014 MCAS?

On Friday, the state released results for the 2014 MCAS exams — standardized tests given to Massachusetts students in various grades. We've taken the data, extracted the primary datapoints, and placed them into a district-by-district sortable table, below. The data is taken directly from the state. See the state website for additional data on the 2014 MCAS results.

NOTES from the state website:

For multi-school districts, school results include students enrolled for the entire academic school year; district results include all tested students.

For single-school districts, MCAS results include all students tested in the district. It is fairest to compare results from single-school districts to other district results, rather than to school-level results.

3 Burlington students in grades 3-8 participated in the PARCC field tests in ELA and math and were exempt from the spring 2014 MCAS test administration in both subjects.

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