Mass. Residents Join Climate March In NYC

Thousands of Massachusetts residents are expected to join a national rally against climate change in New York City Sunday.

At least 60 buses have left Massachusetts for the rally, with many more people heading to the city on their own, according to The Better Future Project, a Massachusetts organization addressing climate change.

The march is expected to draw between 2,500 and 5,000 Massachusetts residents.

Evan Seitz, an organizer for Fossil Free Somerville, says lots of people from Massachusetts are working to fight pollution and climate change.

"Fossil Free Somerville is just one example of a group," Seitz said. "We've been working for two years to try to get the city of Somerville to divest from fossil fuel companies. There's also an active campaign in Boston."

Seitz says he hopes the march turns into real change.

"In Massachusetts, I really hope that we become the first state to put a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure construction," he said. "There's no reason we should be constructing infrastructure that's destroying our communities and poisoning our children."


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