Boston City Council Seeks 29 Percent Pay Raise

The Boston City Council is considering giving itself a $25,000 raise.

City Council President Bill Linehan wants to boost council pay by about 29 percent, from $87,500 to $112,500.

The council's Government Operations committee will hold a public hearing Monday morning at City Hall to discuss the proposed ordinance.

Linehan says the pay boost is long overdue: the 13-member panel's last raise came in 2006.

A 2013 city survey found Boston's councilor pay was higher than the pay in most Massachusetts cities and in some cities nationally including Baltimore, which pays councilors $61,383.

Linehan's proposed pay raise would bring Boston councilor pay more in line with major American cities like San Francisco ($105,723), New York ($112,500), Chicago ($116,674) and Washington, D.C. ($125,583), based on the 2013 survey.


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