The 12 Most Popular @WBUR Tweets Of 2014

Mayor Menino's death. The passing of Car Talk host Tom Magliozzi. Ferguson protests. All of these, and others, had tremendous reach on Twitter — and WBUR's account is no exception. We dug into our timeline to uncover our 12 most popular tweets of 2014 (through Dec. 15).

Note: Engagement is defined as any action a user takes on the tweet — photo views, link clicks, expands, etc. — and does not consider only retweets and favorites. That's why some tweets with relatively low retweets or favorites are ranked higher than others with more.

12. Boston Protests Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

11. What 'Yes' And 'No' Mean On The Mass. Ballot Questions

10. A Mini Monument To Trayvon Martin In Jamaica Plain

9. MIT Makes Big Commitment To Nanotechnology

8. Did Han Solo Shoot First? An On Point Exploration

7. The Unlikely Story Of The Slide Rule's Role In Space Travel

6. Mayor Tom Menino's Obituary

5. Tom Ashbrook Announces A Leave Of Absence

4. Town-By-Town Election Results

3. Rick And Dick Hoyt Run Their Final Marathon

2. Harvard Med Students Protest Ferguson, Garner Cases

1. The Death Of Car Talk Co-Host Tom Magliozzi

Note: Two other stories of Magliozzi's death were in our top tweets, but to avoid repetition, we chose just to list the most shared tweet about Magliozzi's death. The other tweets, which would've ranked No. 3 and No. 4, respectively, were his obituary and a roundup of the five funniest audio clips from Car Talk.

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