Key Moments From Day 7 Of Tsarnaev Trial: Watertown Shootout Detailed

During testimony in the Boston Marathon bombing trial Monday, both prosecutors and defense attorneys focused on which Tsarnaev brother was firing a pistol at police during the Watertown shootout.

-Multiple witnesses, including Joseph Reynold, a Watertown police officer, testified that they could not clearly determine who was always firing the weapon, but that both brothers threw explosives at police.

-Defense attorney Timothy Watkins cross examined Reynolds, seeking to clarify which brother initially engaged police with the firearm. Reynolds testified that it was Tamerlan Tsarnaev who first fired shots.

-Jeffrey Pugliese, a Watertown police sergeant, arrived on the scene after other police had already engaged the two suspects. Seeing the officers pinned down, he moved to the opposite side of the street, making his way through backyards in order to flank the suspects.

Pugliese was able to take his time lining up his shot, firing several times before the Tsarnaev brothers noticed him, but with little effect. Pugliese eventually tackled Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the middle of the street, attempting to make an arrest.

-Heather Studley, an emergency department physician at South Shore Hospital, treated Transit Police Officer Richard Donahue, who suffered a gunshot wound to the groin, leading him to bleed out.

Studley testified that Donohue's heart stopped for about 45 minutes before he was resuscitated using a combination of blood and platelet transfusions and epinephrine to restart his heart.

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