2 Vie In House Race To Succeed Rep Who Joined Baker

An upcoming special election to fill a vacant seat in the state House of Representatives has drawn the attention of Gov. Charlie Baker among others.

Republican Hannah Kane and Democrat Jason Palitsch, both of Shrewsbury, are vying in Tuesday's race in the 11th Worcester District.

The winner will succeed Matthew Beaton, a Shrewsbury Republican who left the House to become Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs in Baker's administration.

Beaton's predecessor in the House was Karyn Polito, who is now Baker's lieutenant governor.

Kane has ties to the governor as well, having served as regional chair of a "Women for Charlie" group during last year's campaign.

Baker has campaigned in the district for Kane.

Palitsch, a Shrewsbury school committee member, hopes to flip the seat into Democratic hands.


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