Forecast: Temperatures Rise, But Chance Of Showers Remains

June continues to be all over the map in terms of temperatures and precipitation. We have had these periods of cool and wet weather followed by stretches of sunny and warm weather. This week will continue to feature many changes in the forecast with thunderstorms, humidity, sunshine and a couple of cool mornings all in the forecast.

You’ll notice a much warmer day today with clouds breaking for some periods of sunshine. I can’t take out the chance of rain until tomorrow, but any showers today will be scattered. If we see enough solar heating, thunderstorms can develop in the more humid air. Additionally, when the sun does break through, you will really feel its powerful mid-June rays, the strongest of the entire year!

After a cold front passes later today, much drier air is put in place for the middle of the week. Wednesday is my pick of the week with nearly a cloudless sky and temperatures in the mid to upper 70s.

On Thursday another frontal system creates some atmospheric lift, and we therefore have more clouds and the chance of a shower or two. Before you cancel any plans for Thursday, fear not: there will also be plenty of sunshine, and any showers won’t last long and also occur later in the day.
Friday brings a return to dry an sunny weather, my second pick day this week.

The weekend is still in flux in terms of the forecast. I am not yet sure if we see any showers over the weekend, but there is a chance we do get some rain. Some of the forecast hinges on the tropical system now in the Gulf of Mexico. Saturday looks like the best day of the weekend. I’ll have more later this week.

Tuesday: Warmer with clouds and some sunny breaks. A period of evening showers possible. Highs of 75 to 80.

Tuesday night: Showers ending, then clearing and cooler. Lows of 58 to 63.

Wednesday: Sunny with a high near 73 to 77.

Thursday: Sun and clouds. Chance of a shower with highs of 75 to 82.

Friday: Mostly sunny with a high near 80. Cooler at the shore.

Saturday: Mostly sunny with a high of 75 to 79.

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