Wynn Resorts Threatens To Counter Sue Boston Over Everett Casino Development

The bad blood continues to roil between the city of Boston and Wynn Resorts, the Everett casino developer.

Wynn is now threatening to counter sue the city of Boston amid a lawsuit from the city against the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to block Wynn's plans to build a $1.6 billion casino in Everett.

Boston wants to subpoena current and former members of the State Police after implications were made that Wynn Resorts knew about a convicted felon's stake in the property Wynn acquired for its Everett casino.

If the casino developer did know such information, revelations of that sort would likely disqualify Wynn from the state's casino process.

In a letter to Boston, Wynn's lawyer threatens legal action, calling the implications in Boston's lawsuit false and defamatory.

The two sides are due to meet in court over the city's existing suit on Thursday.


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