Moulton Says He Will Support Iran Deal As 'Best Viable Options'

U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton is among a handful of congressional Democrats announcing their support for a nuclear deal with Iran since meeting with President Obama this past week.

"It is not a perfect deal, and it is easy to point out the many ways in which it could theoretically be stronger. That being said, it is by far the best viable option before us," Moulton, who represents Massachusetts' 6th District north of Boston, said in a statement Saturday.

The former Marine who served four tours in Iraq said he understands firsthand "the threat Iran poses to America and our allies."

He said the deal is not about trusting Iran, and said the inspections in the agreement are comprehensive enough to be effective and would provide greater intelligence on Iran than the U.S. has today.

He said the U.S. also needs to reaffirm its ties with Israel and other Middle Eastern allies, and to continue pressing Iran on issues including terrorism and American hostages.

Moulton is among the members of Congress visiting Israel this coming week and meeting with officials including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has rejected the Iran deal.

"I look forward to discussing how we can repair and advance our historic alliance and ensure that our commitment to Israel is as strong and nonpartisan in the future as it has been in the past," Moulton said.

Several members of the all-Democrat Massachusetts delegation have said they were still reviewing the deal. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Stephen Lynch said last month they support it.

Lawmakers can vote to approve, disapprove or take no action on the deal. Obama says he'll veto a congressional disapproval. He would need 34 members of the Senate or 146 members of the House with him to sustain his veto.


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