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Welcome to WBUR Politicker, our new home for enterprising and data-rich coverage of politics in and beyond New England -- through this year's local races, continuing through the presidential primaries and the November 2016 general election.

None of the region’s contests will be more closely watched than New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary in February, and we will spend a lot of time digging into it. But the Massachusetts presidential primary will also matter. It offers more delegates than New Hampshire, and comes on a crucial day of voting, so-called “Super Duper Tuesday,” when over a dozen states will award nearly a quarter of the delegates needed to win. Despite its potentially important role, the Bay State primary so far has received little attention either from the press or from the candidates.

WBUR Politicker will cover New England’s races the WBUR way, with deep and serious treatment of issues, sound-rich feature reports from the campaign trail, plenty of perspective and context from our signature analysts, and loads of data. Included in this vertical will be:

  1. The WBUR Poll: WBUR and The MassINC Polling Group will once again work together to bring you regular WBUR polls that will gauge the candidates and key issues.
  2. Enterprising political reports by WBUR's radio and digital journalists.
  3. Political data journalism: MPG President Steve Koczela will serve as a regular contributor to WBUR Politicker, bringing his trademark deep dives into the data that tell the story behind the story.
  4. Weekly on-air reports and analysis of the New Hampshire primary from The Boston Globe's James Pindell.
  5. Weekly political commentary -- on air and online -- from WBUR's political duo of Republican Todd Domke and Democrat Dan Payne.
  6. Live public events, starting with the November installment of WBUR's On Tap, which will focus on polling and the presidential campaign.

If you remember WBUR's Poll Vault from the 2014 Massachusetts elections, then some of the new WBUR Politicker will feel familiar, except there's more -- more candidates, issues and geography to cover over a longer period of time. And there are more platforms for presenting and sharing our content. But our main objective remains to present the same, high-quality WBUR journalism that our audience expects from us.

Richard Chacon is the editor of WBUR Politicker and executive director of news content for WBUR. Steve Koczela is president of The MassINC Polling Group and a regular contributor. 


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