Forecast: January Thaw This Week — But With A Small Chance Of Snow Friday

For some of you this morning the ride to work will be met with piles of new snow and a loss of parking spaces. For others, the amount of snow on the ground is even less than it was on Friday. Now that our recent storm is history, it’s time to take a look into the future and see what this week’s weather has in store for us.

Mild is a word I haven’t been able to use in a while, but indeed we do have some mild weather on the way. The warmest day this week will be tomorrow, but other days this week will also feature above average temperatures.

With many areas having new snow on the ground and melting occurring, don’t forget to fill your windshield reservoir as there will be a lot splashing going on, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A cold front will sweep the spring-like feeling out to sea Wednesday evening and usher in more typical air for the end of the week. However, it won't be very cold.

In terms of our next possible weather system, we are looking at Friday. The map below shows the predicted position of low pressure east of New England.

Projected position for possible storm on Friday. (Courtesy of WeatherBell Analytics)
Projected position for possible storm on Friday. (Courtesy of WeatherBell Analytics)

See all those L’s. There are so many because right now the models can’t agree if there will be a storm and where it will occur. So, although snow isn’t in the forecast right now, that could all change in the coming days. I am not expecting a big storm, but I want to always let you know what the potential is, even four days into the future.

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Monday: Sunny, with a high in the mid- 30s.

Tonight: Some clouds and not very cold. Lows 20-28.

Tuesday: Partly sunny, breezy and mild. Highs 45-50.

Wednesday: Partly sunny, with a high near 40.

Thursday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 35.

Friday: Cloudy, may snow or rain. Highs 32-39.

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