2 Southie Brothers Plead Guilty To Beating Homeless Immigrant

Two South Boston brothers who claimed to be inspired in part by Donald Trump's views on immigrants have pleaded guilty to beating a homeless Mexican man.

Scott Leader, 38, and Steven Leader, 30, each pleaded guilty Monday to felony assault and battery and related crimes.

Scott Leader was sentenced to three years in prison; Steven Leader was sentenced to at least two years behind bars.

The brothers admitted to urinating on the 58-year-old man as he slept outside of the JFK-UMass MBTA station in August, then beating him with a pole, punching and kicking him.

Police say Scott Leader said afterward that Trump was right about deporting "all these illegals."

The GOP front-runner denounced the attack, tweeting that he would "never condone violence."

The victim told the court he still feels pain all over his body and does not believe his fingers will be the same.

With reporting from The Associated Press and the WBUR Newsroom



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