Chart: How Temperatures Have Increased In Mass. Since 1900

Global surface temperatures have been rising for decades, and the trend line is similar for average temperatures here in Massachusetts.

The average temperature over the 20th century in Massachusetts was 46.9 degrees Fahrenheit. And it's been 25 years since the state had a year in which the annual average temperature was below that mark.

So from 1993 through 2016, Massachusetts' average annual temperatures have all been above that 20th century mean.

You can see the warming on the interactive chart below. The dark red line traces the average annual temperatures, and the light red is the trend line across the entire period, which for the state as a whole stretches back to 1895.

Using data compiled by the Northeast Regional Climate Center, the chart above also shows annual temperature averages for four specific locations in Massachusetts. (The timelines for the data differ, with Boston, for instance, going back to 1873.)

You'll notice that Boston, as well as the Blue Hill Observatory in Milton and Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard, have temperature trend lines that have generally followed the state's warming, while temperatures in Worcester have remained essentially flat.

Below you'll find precipitation data for the same locations. As you can see, Massachusetts has gotten more precipitation, on an annual basis, over the last century, while Boston, on the other hand, has remained fairly steady and just below the state's 20th century mean of 44.64 inches of precipitation per year.

Two notes on the data:

  1. Boston and Worcester have asterisks because their data collection locations have changed over the years; now they're both at their city's respective airports.
  2. Some locations have years in which data was not collected.


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