Amid Repairs, MBTA Trims Parking Fee Hike At Alewife Garage

The weekday fee to park at the MBTA's Alewife garage is set to increase Saturday — but not by quite as much as originally planned.

Starting Sept. 1, the T is hiking the cost from $7 to $9, instead of the planned $10.

That's after the garage was closed overnight and on two weekends for repairs after a piece of concrete fell on a car, and before more substantial repair work on the garage is set to begin in September.

A $10 parking fee at Alewife would have been the highest parking rate in the system of garages.

The Boston Globe reports:

The T alerted local elected officials of the change in a letter, saying the rate hike was being reduced “in light of the major repairs at the garage that are set to begin in September.”

There are a number of parking rate changes set to go into effect on Sept. 1. The MBTA says the changes will "encourage parking at stations with more capacity."



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