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New Hampshire Court Issues Order In Hate Crimes Case At Inn

Jackson, N.H. (piercepub/Pixabay)
Jackson, N.H. (piercepub/Pixabay)
This article is more than 4 years old.

A New Hampshire court is ordering the manager of an inn accused of shoving a couple she thought was Muslim after getting into a dispute over a refund not to threaten anyone based on their religion.

The Friday order from the Carroll County Superior Court comes in the case of Priscilla Protasowicki, whose family runs the Covered Bridge Riverview Lodge, in Jackson.

A civil complaint filed by the attorney general's office alleges that in April Protasowicki assaulted the couple originally from Morocco.

The civil rights case is separate from a misdemeanor criminal assault case.

Protasowicki said Saturday her new lawyer is asking for a new hearing. She also says she has "no objections to Muslims at all" and disputes some of the statements attributed to her.


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