Today's Weather: Sunshine Returns With Breezy Conditions

Patriots' Day and the Boston Marathon are now over, and though the weather generally cooperated, conditions will be even more pleasant today.

Winds were gusting overnight and will continue to be a bit brisk in the morning before diminishing during the day. Temperatures will reach near 60 degrees under nearly cloudless skies.

Highs will reach near 60 today. (Courtesy NOAA)
Highs will reach near 60 today. (Courtesy NOAA)

An area of high pressure bringing us this fine weather will continue overnight and into tomorrow, when temperatures once again will reach near 60 degrees without much wind.

The weather starts to go downhill on Thursday afternoon, when a slow-moving system from the west will begin to encroach on the area. Eventually, showers will become more numerous Friday afternoon — and worse Friday night and Saturday, when they could be heavy.

There's still plenty of details to be worked out on exactly when the rain will fall and how much. But right now, the first part of the weekend is looking unsettled. There may, however, be some improvement for Easter.

One thing that is sure is as a southerly flow of more moisture takes hold, temperatures will be quite mild later this week and into the weekend. With Passover and Easter both taking place, the timing of the heavy rain will be important for any travel and outdoor activity

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Tuesday: Blustery with sunshine and highs around 60.

Tuesday Night: Clear and chilly. Lows 35-40.

Wednesday: Sunshine, light wind. Highs near 60.

Thursday: Sunshine mixed with considerable of clouds. Highs in the 50s.

Friday: Mild with showers developing Highs in the 60s

Saturday: Unseasonably mild. Still some showers. Highs 58-67.

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