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Staying Home? 5 Shows To Binge Watch

This article is more than 3 years old.

For the safety of the public, I’d like to formally invite you to stay in the comfort of your own home this weekend. This may sound like a bummer (or a blessing if you were going to cancel your plans anyway), but if I’m being honest, this gives us all a chance to catch up on the shows, movies and documentaries we’ve missed. Aren’t you curious about the havoc Netflix’s "Love is Blind" causes to your Twitter timeline? No? Well, that’s ok. I have a few more suggestions for you below so all of your streaming needs will be satisfied.

"High Fidelity," Season 1, on Hulu

Let’s start strong here. Millennial cool girl Zoe Kravitz plays protagonist Rob in this modern television series adaptation of the 2000 movie by the same title. Formerly played by John Cusack, Kravitz plays a lovelorn record store manager who breaks down her past relationships into her top 5 heartbreaks, sort of like a music playlist. This show is perfect to binge for the romantic, comedic music snobs out there. Fun fact: Kravitz’s mom, Lisa Bonet, acted in the original movie. Other Hulu shows worth checking out that focus on topics of young adult uncertainty are quirky comedy "Shrill," now in its second season, and "Ramy," an Emmy-Award winning dark comedy.

"Ugly Delicious," Season 2, on Netflix

Chef David Chang is back with his docu-series “Ugly Delicious” and this time, he gets a little more personal. The episode that starts the season is all about his wife’s pregnancy and their impending trek into parenthood. Chang speaks with chefs about juggling their heavy workload in an honest way, and his fear of being a supportive father and husband while trying to find recipes for homemade baby food and healthy school lunches for 3rd graders. Within the season, Chang dives deep into the racism that faces high-end food culture, all while facing his own biases and ignorances about certain foods.

"The Pharmacist" on Netflix

Listen, I’m all for wholesome, chill content, but "The Pharmacist" will have you hooked all four episodes. It follows small-town Louisiana pharmacist Dan Schneider. Everything looks picture-perfect from the outside: a good job, a nice house in a safe neighborhood, and a wife and kids. It all gets turned upside down when his son is shot and killed in New Orleans’ 9th Ward when he goes to buy crack one night. After his son’s murder case goes cold, Schneider digs and pries his way into the community until the murderer is finally caught and convicted. Where that story ends, another begins. Schneider goes back to work at a pharmacy following that ordeal and realizes there may be an OxyContin addiction crisis in his community. Once again, Schneider goes out of his way to figure out what is happening when he realizes no one wants to give him answers. By the end of the series, you can’t believe what this grieving father has to go through.

"Gentefied" on Netflix

This is what I’ll be tuned into this weekend. This show is about a trio of Mexican-American cousins who run the family taco shop and try to define their version of the American dream as the children of immigrants. The show takes place in East L.A. and conversations of gentrification loom over the entire series. Here's your comedic relief and social commentary viewing pleasure all in one!

"Law & Order: SVU" on Hulu and Netflix

You had to know this was coming. This is the OG of dramatic binge watching shows. There are 20+ seasons to dive into. Take a break from the true crime podcast and watch as Detective Olivia Benson kicks ass and stops heinous crimes. I’ve seen the show from start to finish at least a handful of times. It’s my go-to and I never tire of it. This is the perfect weekend show when you feel trapped in the house — you might feel like you’re a detective on the streets of New York City. I’m not saying this is the greatest show to binge watch on the couch, but I’m definitely not NOT saying that.

Christian Burno Contributor
Christian Burno is a former arts reporting fellow for WBUR’s arts and culture team.



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