Researchers Say 'The Blob' On Cape Cod Could Cause Major Environmental Problems

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“The Blob." In science fiction, it's a classic cult movie monster.

But in real life, it’s the name researchers have given to an alarming patch of water at the bottom of Cape Cod Bay.

This little “blob” of low-oxygen water is causing big problems for marine life off the coast of Cape Cod — and may be part of a much bigger problem for the environment.

Tracy Pugh, a biologist with the state’s Division of Marine Fisheries, joined WBUR's Morning Edition to talk about it.

This segment aired on October 1, 2020.

Bob Oakes Senior Correspondent
Bob Oakes was a senior correspondent in the WBUR newsroom, a role he took on in 2021 after nearly three decades hosting WBUR's Morning Edition.



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