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Pressley: Husband Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Capitol Siege And Lockdown

Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley says her husband has tested positive for COVID-19 following last week's siege and subsequent lockdown at the Capitol.

Pressley said in a statement that Conan Harris received a positive test Tuesday evening. Pressley says she received a negative test result.

Harris had accompanied Pressley to her swearing-in ceremony last week and was with her in the Capitol complex throughout the Jan. 6 attack. Harris has shown mild symptoms and remains in isolation, along with Pressley and staff who were in close contact.

Pressley said Wednesday: "As my colleagues and I sought shelter from the white supremacist mob that violently attacked our seat of government, we were greeted by a different threat - one posed by my callous Republican colleagues who, in this crowded and confined space, repeatedly refused to wear masks when offered."

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