Fall River Police Captain Reassigned After Sharing Post About Chauvin Verdict On Department's Facebook Page

A Fall River Police captain with more than 20 years of service has been pulled from public-facing duties after sharing what Chief Jeffrey Cardoza called a completely inappropriate post on the department's official Facebook page about the Derek Chauvin conviction.

The department deleted the post, which praised how Chauvin placed his hands behind his back after his conviction and said, "imagine where we'd be if George [Floyd] did the same."

"When you become a member of this organization you have a responsibility to maintain the public trust," Cardoza said on Thursday. "And when you post something like that, whether its your personal page or you accidentally post it on our department page, I take issue with that."

City Councilor Trott Lee said the city is looking into whether or not the post was intentional.

"If it was an honest mistake, it was an honest mistake, but if it was something that was meant to be done purposely, then I think that there's going to be something more coming," Lee said. "I really can't say one way or the other. We've got to wait and see where the details are and then go from there."

The police department said the opinion was meant for a personal account and was inadvertently reposted.

This article was originally published on April 22, 2021.


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