5 Things To Do This Weekend, Including Lilacs At The Arnold Arboretum And The ReelAbilities Film Festival

The Arboretum was one of my favorite spots to walk during the very height of the pandemic last year. I wanted to learn more about nature, and the Arboretum delivered. When I stopped to admire a unique flower blooming, a helpful description noted the plant's region of origin and its species. I appreciated the chance to unplug and take in my surroundings. And still, it’s the perfect place to go for a walk with someone to talk about the miracles that nature has to show.

Blooming Lilacs at the Arnold Arboretum 

Throughout the month of May

The Arnold Arboretum won't host its famous annual Lilac Sunday this year due to the pandemic, but visitors are welcome to visit. Keeping a safe distance, you can still take in the heady fragrance of the more than 400 lilac plants in bloom. The Arboretum has 179 kinds of lilacs, with flowers of varying shapes and sizes. They typically bloom late April through late May, giving you plenty of chances. Lilac Sunday is expected to return next year — when the Arnold Arboretum celebrates its 150th anniversary.

'Amazon’s Among Us' at Boston Sculptors Gallery 

May 5-June 6

Donna Dodson’s sculptures are a reimagination of Albrecht Dürer’s “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” Through a series of wood carvings, Dodson’s work displays courage, strength and grit. The show at Boston Sculptors Gallery also features a collaboration with artists Trina Baker, Kledia Spiro and poet Melchor Hall underscoring their commitment to social justice and female empowerment.

ReelAbilities Film Festival 

Thursday May 6- May 13

ReelAbilities is a film festival that is all about bringing viewers together to appreciate the creative expressions of people with disabilities. There are many films to choose from, and the film I am most excited to watch is “Wallflower” directed by Matt Smukler. The film tells the story of Christina Stahl, a girl who is the primary caretaker for both her mentally disabled parents, and who has to make a difficult decision of whether or not to pursue her dream of attending college. All films will have open captions. The films will be available up to 48 hours after purchase, and most of the live programming will have ASL interpreters.

'The Human Condition' on view at Subcentral 

Friday, May 7

“The Human Condition” is Subcentral’s first ever art exhibit (usually the space fosters the creation of electronic music and performance arts). Artist Masha Keryan created the large-scale work in 20 days. Her paintings explore the psychological intricacies of human interaction through various colors and by creating anonymous people that represent different personas who emote masculine and feminine energies.

Eastie Farm Fresh Stand-Up Comedy 

Thursday, May 6

East Boston has such a lively community, and there's no better way to experience it than checking out an outdoor comedy show at Eastie Farm. Comedians are invited to RSVP and try their shot at making the audience laugh! Bring a blanket, and don't forget to grab some snacks at nearby places like Italian Express Pizzeria and Mehak, which serves Indian and Pakistani food. Along your walk be on the lookout for public art and breathtaking skyline city views.

Magdiela Matta Arts Fellow
Magdiela Matta was the arts and culture reporting fellow for WBUR in 2021.



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