Boston School Superintendent Misses Deadline For Licensing Test

Boston Superintendent of Schools Brenda Cassellius' license to operate a school system has expired.

The deadline for the superintendent to take the state's certification exam and get a new license was last Saturday, according to The Boston Globe, which first reported on the lapse.

Speaking before the Boston School Committee Wednesday evening, Cassellius said she would take the exam in the next week. She also said she has reached out to state education officials to see if she can continue to operate in her role until she can take the test.

Chairperson Jeri Robinson described Cassellius failing to take the test as a bureaucratic mixup. But she called it a “lesson learned.”

“Even though there are assumptions, we should have a checklist that says, ‘are all of these things in place?’ And we did not," she said. "Hopefully things can get rectified as soon as possible.”

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