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5 things to do this weekend, including a dance performance from KAIROS and a screening of 'Mardi & the Whites'

It’s only been a few weeks since the arts and culture team at WBUR wrapped up our series “The Makers.” If you missed our event but wanted to see the artists in action, you’re in luck. On Friday and Saturday, Olivia Moon from this year’s cohort will perform with KAIROS Dance Theater in a performance called “husk/vessel.” This weekend, you can also catch an experimental concert at the MIT Museum, a play from Central Square Theater and more. Check out all of our recommendations below.

'Mardi & the Whites'

Saturday, Oct. 15

The Native Plant Trust in Framingham is hosting a special screening of a film that follows a Black woman as she ventures into the great outdoors. The documentary tells the story of Mardi Fuller, her relationship with New Hampshire’s White Mountains and the overwhelmingly white outdoor community that frequents them. Arrive early to stroll through the Native Plant Trust’s garden and hang out after the showing for a conversation and reception with Fuller.


Friday, Oct. 14-Saturday, Oct. 15

This multimedia dance performance from KAIROS Dance Theater was made in collaboration with choreographer Paula Josa-Jones, who has been deeply involved with dance theater since 1985. The work is a meditation on costume — is it covering, a habitat or both? In this performance, on stage at Boston University Dance Theater, costumes become characters. Each dancer is engulfed in their costume, moving with and against it. Olivia Moon, an artist in this year's cohort of WBUR’s The Makers, is a part of the dance troupe. [Learn more about this year's Makers here.]

Action shot from a performance of "husk/vessel." (Courtesy Mickey West)
Action shot from a performance of "husk/vessel." (Courtesy Mickey West)

'Brain, Body + Breath' at the MIT Museum

Friday, Oct. 14-Saturday, Oct. 15

Composer and innovator Tod Machover has created a multi-sensory score specifically for the MIT Museum, and this weekend is the world premiere of the experimental music. The concert will explore how music affects our entire beings, whether we are performing or listening to it. The compositions will be performed by an ensemble of New York-based musicians on instruments from the flute to the violin.

'El Encuentro: The Latino Film Experience'

Friday, Oct. 14-Saturday, Oct. 15

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, this film festival will feature short movies by Hispanic filmmakers chosen from hundreds of submissions. Each film is up to 15 minutes long, and they represent a wide range of genres, from comedy to drama and animation. This festival is a unique chance to catch the work of first-time filmmakers from all over the country. It will be held at Middlesex Community College in Lowell.

'Ada and the Engine'

Through Monday, Oct. 24

This meaningful play, produced by the Central Square Theater, shines a light on one of the world's most influential women. “Ada and the Engine” is the story of Ada Lovelace, the author of the first computer program. This production follows her friendship with inventor Charles Babbage and their collaboration on ushering in a new technology. The play is directed by Deborah Wise and stars actors Mishy Jacobson and Diego Arcineigas.

Lauren Williams Arts Reporting Fellow
Lauren Williams is the arts reporting fellow at WBUR.



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