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Crash at Alewife requires buses to replace Red Line trains

Pictured here: A red line train pulls into South Station bound for Alewife Station. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)
A Red Line train pulls into South Station bound for Alewife Station. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Red Line commuters should expect to catch one of the shuttle buses replacing trains between Alewife and Davis stations, as the MBTA works to repair damage inflicted to the Alewife parking garage by a single-vehicle crash on Saturday.

The crash had flung a 10,000-pound concrete barrier down onto the station roof when a car plowed into it on the top floor of the garage, according to the T.

T officials said there is not yet a timetable for when the station will reopen. But the agency expects the garage to open mid-week.

"Until we know that the roof structure is safe — and by safe that means it has to be able to withstand winds, it has to be able to withstand snow — until that point in time ... I cannot project, because we won't know the scope of the repairs that'll be necessary until that analysis is done," said interim general manager Jeff Gonneville at a press conference Monday.

Gonneville said structural engineers will conduct an evaluation of the roof truss units.

T officials said they are working "on options to reopen the station to Red Line service utilizing the Russell Field headhouse."

By Sunday afternoon, crews had removed the barrier and were continuing cleanup efforts through Monday.

Transit police said Saturday they believe the driver's "actions were intentional," sharing a photo of the white sedan perched with its front two wheels hanging off the edge of the garage.

With reporting from State House News Reporter Chris Lisinski and WBUR's Dave Faneuf.


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