Shuttle buses will replace some Green Line trains starting July 17

A commuter boards an MBTA Green Line shuttle bus. Shuttle buses will replace Green Line B Branch service for 12 days in July. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)
A commuter boards an MBTA Green Line shuttle bus. Shuttle buses will replace Green Line B Branch service for 12 days in July. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

The MBTA will shut down a portion of the Green Line's B Branch for 12 days in July for repair work.

Shuttle buses will replace train service between Kenmore Square and Boston College while crews work to replace 2,800 feet of track near Packard’s Corner. The closure is slated to begin July 17.

The repairs come a few weeks after a train derailed on the line. No one was injured in the incident, but there were roughly 30 people on board the trolley when it left the tracks. The T’s senior director of capital transformation, Gwen Dunlevy, said the agency moved up the timeline for track work from August in response to the derailment.

“We were already planning to do this, so if we have everything ready and there is an immediate need, let’s go out and do it immediately,” said Dunlevy.

She pointed out that the project is part of a multi-year effort to upgrade the Green Line.

“People familiar with the Green Line over the past few years will know we’ve done numerous of these shutdowns to try to bring the track up to like-new condition,” Dunlevy said.

Federal regulators last year ordered the T to make improvements, including moving more quickly to repair aging and damaged tracks. The agency has slowed service on several lines due to safety concerns.

The T hosted an open house-style information session to answer questions about the service disruption at Boston University on Wednesday.

Cody Leung, who lives near the B Line, was among dozens of residents who attended. Leung said he has been avoiding the trains because they have been running slowly. He said the disruption in service may benefit his commute.

“I actually think the buses will be faster than the T, so the shuttle buses could be a good option,” said Leung.

Leung's optimism aside, the MBTA’s General Manager Phil Eng acknowledged that service disruptions are inconvenient for riders.

“We do realize that, but we have good alternative service for the public. We also know that if we are going to do it, it’s better to do it now," Eng said, when colleges near the B branch are off for summer break, and fewer people are using the trains.

During the shutdown, Eng said crews intend to replace underground conduits that power trains and repaint platform edges, pedestrian crossings and bike lanes.

The repairs are scheduled to wrap up Friday, July 28.


Andrea Perdomo-Hernandez Transportation Reporter
Andrea Perdomo-Hernandez is a transportation reporter for WBUR.



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