Wu issues heat emergency in Boston as temperatures climb

Mayor Michelle Wu issued a citywide heat emergency for Thursday and Friday as high heat and humidity stick around the state.

The National Weather Service forecasted a heat index approaching 100 degrees Farenheit in the Boston area on Thursday. Heat indexes will be similar on Friday, predicted to stay in the mid-90s. The NWS has issued a heat advisory for parts of Massachusetts.

Cooling centers will be open around the Boston at 15 BCYF community centers from Thursday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., for residents to escape the rising temperatures.

For those going outside in the high heat, limiting time in direct sun is important, according to NWS meteorologist Torry Dooley.

"Additionally, you want to keep yourself hydrated," said Dooley. "And if you start to feel maybe a little dizzy, woozy you want to put yourself into some shade."

Thursday is the first day of class for Boston Public Schools, and Superintendent Mary Skipper says schools will remain open. BPS recently installed new air conditioner units at schools around the system, but 14 schools have no ACs due to the inability of outdated electrical systems to power them. Skipper said those schools will provide box fans and water bottles. They’ll also limit time students and staff spend outside.

Some schools in Massachusetts are closing early due to the oppressive heat. In Lowell, there will be no school at all Thursday and Friday "out of concern for the health & safety of staff and students," the district said.

Katie Cole Associate Producer, Digital
Katie Cole is an associate producer for digital.



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