Mass. House approves salary disclosure bill

The House on Wednesday voted 148-8 to pass legislation requiring businesses with at least 25 employees to include a projected pay range in any hiring advertisement for a specific position.

Under the bill, job postings from affected employers would need to list an annual salary or hourly wage they "reasonably and in good faith" expect to pay.

The bill is a top priority of the Massachusetts Caucus of Women Legislators.

"This bill, which has the bipartisan support of our Caucus, represents the next step to ensure true equity — and competitiveness — in our workplaces," caucus co-chairs Sen. Joan Lovely (D-Salem) and Rep. Hannah Kane (R-Shrewsbury) said in a statement.

Sens. Patricia Jehlen and Paul Feeney are among the bill's supporters in the Senate.

Advocates like Brooke Thomson of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts say providing salary information would help close gender and racial wage gaps in the state.
"We are making Massachusetts more competitive; that if you want to come work in Massachusetts because you're gonna be on an equal playing field, you're going to make a good salary and you're employer is going to treat you with respect. And that's gonna be our competitive edge," she said.

With additional reporting from WBUR's Josie Guarino



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