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What's on your mind this election season?

A big part of journalism is reporters and editors and photographers and producers finding and delivering news that you never knew you wanted to hear. That's been a primary driver in newsrooms for more than a century.

But the other side of that coin is when you know you have questions and need someone to provide trustworthy answers. And while we work everyday to provide that information on the radio, in our newsletters and on our website, we ask for your questions directly a lot less often.

So let's change that.

Below is a little form you can use to tell us what you want to learn about during this election season. It can be about whatever you want; the candidates, the issues, some specific thing you heard about but aren't sure if it's true or not.

Anything you ask can help us gain more perspective. And we're excited to chase down some of those story ideas to help you and others make sense of this election season.

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Roberto Scalese Senior Editor, Digital
Roberto Scalese is a senior editor for digital.



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