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Ana Tijoux In Concert

 (Ryan Muir for NPR)
(Ryan Muir for NPR)

Performing as part of the 2012 Latin Alternative Music Conference showcase at Celebrate Brooklyn, the Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux faced a daunting challenge in opening for Calle 13, whose fans are dedicated, impatient and often vocal. But when she hit the stage, her supporters were ecstatic, and newcomers to her music appeared thunderstruck.

A lyrical machine gun, Tijoux delivers verses rapidly and without wincing, never missing her target. Although "Shock," the song that has become an anthem for student protest movements across Latin America, was a crowd favorite, it was especially thrilling to hear her close her set with "1977." That intimate track about growing up a Chilean exile feels like having a secret told in your ear, but it's also a story to which many in the audience seemed to relate.

This show was originally broadcast live by NPR's Alt.Latino on July 13, 2012.

Set List

  • "Crisis De Un MC"
  • "Partir De Cero"
  • "La Bala"
  • "Las Cosas Por Su Nombre"
  • "Shock"
  • "Sacar La Voz"
  • "Sube"
  • "En Paro"
  • "La Rosa De Los Vientos"
  • "1977"

Photos: Ana Tijoux In Concert

Chilean MC Ana Tijoux opened for Calle 13 during the 2012 Latin Alternative Music Conference showcase at Celebrate Brooklyn. (Ryan Muir for NPR)
Tijoux is a lyrical machine gun, delivering verses rapidly and never missing her target. She raps about personal tales of growing up as a Chilean exile, among other topics both universal and political. (Ryan Muir for NPR)
Tijoux's recent album, La Bala, has become part of the soundtrack to Chile's student protests and increasingly politically confrontational Mexican youth. (Ryan Muir for NPR)
Though the crowd waived Puerto Rican flags in anticipation of Calle 13, the Chilean rapper won over the crowd with calls to unite Latin Americans. (Ryan Muir for NPR)
Tijoux took pictures of the crowd as it cheered. More than 7,000 people packed the Prospect Park Bandshell, while just as many were turned away outside. (Ryan Muir for NPR)
The showcase was a highlight of the annual Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York City. (Ryan Muir for NPR)

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