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Which Democrats Are Running In 2020 — And Which Still Might

 (Photo Illustration: Getty Images; Renee Klahr and Alyson Hurt/NPR)
(Photo Illustration: Getty Images; Renee Klahr and Alyson Hurt/NPR)

This is the largest Democratic presidential field in decades. In the mix are figures from across the country: mayors, senators, governors, a venture capitalist and even a spiritual guru.

It's a big change from 2016 when a total of five major candidates ran in the Democratic primary.

For Democrats, it's also one of the most consequential elections ever, with the opportunity to deny President Trump re-election after a term that has outraged the left. The historically diverse field of candidates has a wide range of approaches on how to win in 2020 and beat Trump.

Here's a guide to who's in, who still might be in, and who is taking a pass on the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

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This story was originally published on Jan. 31, 2019.

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