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Show rundown for 12/27/200344:10

This article is more than 17 years old.

Game Seven Apocalypse

Even thought it didn't happen, the nation revelled in the notion of the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs squaring off in the World Series. "For the good of Baseball", some said, "these two eternally hapless teams should play for the championship that's eluded them for so long." Good for Baseball? We at "Only A Game," think not. Unless, of course, you're Satan.

Kerouac Bobblehead Night

The Spinners, a Red Sox minor league affiliate in Lowell, Massachusetts, is famous for its many wacky promotions such as Peter Gammons look-alike contests and wedding nights. So it comes as no surprise that the team would honor Jack Kerouac, one of Lowell's most famous sons, in its traditionally unusual way.

Elephant Polo

England wins the World Elephant Polo Championship. Yeah, elephant polo... what did you think we meant?

Gentlemen's Blood

In "Genlemen's Blood," Barbara Holland recounts tales of the duel from the horrifying to the absurd to the just plain funny. Here's a reprisal of the October discussion between Bill Littlefield and Holland about those tales.

Pennsic War

It's the battle for Pittsburgh and the unfortunate loser gets to keep the maligned city. Is it a war? Is it a re-enactment? Is it a overblown costume party for medieval geeks? Well, as Karen Given reported back in August, the 23rd annual Pennsic War a little bit of all those things.

This program aired on December 27, 2003.

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