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Show rundown for 6/23/200749:01

This article is more than 13 years old.

Hench's Hunches

The NBA Draft is coming up on Thursday, and Bill Littlefield needs to get his story straight. Good thing Kevin Hench of can help him sort through all the hype. Too bad he couldn't help Greg Oden realize that Los Angeles is 820 miles from Portland.

The Girls of September

Last week, the U.S. Women's Soccer Team opened their World Cup "Send-Off" Series by beating China's team 2-0. Bill Littlefield talked to members of the team to figure out how they plan on taking home the World Cup in China this September.

Concussion Summit

For the first time ever on Tuesday, the NFL held a summit to focus specifically on mild traumatic brain injury.

Check the Thermostat

Summer arrived Wednesday at 8:06 PM Greenwich meantime, prompting thoughts of warm weather activities like swimming, boating, fishing, cycling, and skiing. Yes, skiing! In Dubai. In the desert. In 120 degree temperatures. Jean Parker reports...unless she's just kidding.

Of Imps and General Managers

23 years ago, the Portland Trailblazers passed up on Michael Jordan with the second pick in the 1984 NBA Draft. With the 2007 Draft looming large, will the Trailblazers once again find themselves plagued by a familiar acquaintance?

Chatting with Charlie Pierce

The Boston Globe's Charlie Pierce joins Bill to talk about Tiger Woods' biceps, swanky new NHL uniforms, and the "demise" of Vince McMahon.

Is it in Mint Condition?

You thought baseball players were worth a lot of money? "The Card" authors Teri Thompson and Michael O'Keefe sit down with Bill to help illuminate the mystery and controversy around one baseball card of considerable fortune.

This program aired on June 23, 2007.

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