Wellesley Signs Support Boston Marathoners

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In recent years, Wellesley College students have been making signs to encourage runners passing through their campus. Friends and family submit the requests over the internet to Munger Hall and last year students made about 300 — more than ever before. But after the outpouring of support for this year's marathon, Wellesley students are busy attempting to fulfill 804 sign requests. We visited campus during two recent sign making sessions. Pictures of all the signs are posted in Scream Tunnel Signs by Wellesley's Munger Hall.

"I’m Molly [Tyler] I’m the house president of Munger Hall. I’ve been organizing all this sign making. As far as I know people have been making signs since women started running the marathon. But the Munger sign making itself really started in the mid 2000’s. I think it’s going to be louder, brighter, crazier, more wonderful than ever. We've all seen that people are so excited about this marathon. So excited to take back the marathon, to continue running. And I know here we’re making more signs than ever. Making them crazier and brighter than ever."

"Hi my name’s Ashley Porras, class of 2014 at Wellesley College. I live in Munger. I’m making a sign right now that says ‘Run Christie 32446, Go find your six-foot-tall cowboy Ye-Haw Giddy-Up.’ I really hope that it’s about a missed connection at a previous marathon and I hope that Christie does find this six-foot-tall cowboy that she might have had a moment with. I think that everyone is looking towards this marathon with a lot of care and also a lot of expectations and hopes that it will be the happy event that we've always had."

"Hi my name's Leah Abrams. I’m a sophomore at Wellesley College. I’m here making Munger Marathon Monday signs and it seemed like such an amazing thing to be able to paint all day and make signs for people who were doing this amazing thing that takes a lot of courage and strength and just resilience after all of this. And its just really fun."

This segment aired on April 19, 2014.

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