Tattoos Are Forever — Just Ask Rex Ryan

New Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan has a lot to smile about. He has a stout defense behind him, a new head coaching job and two more chances every season to beat the New England Patriots. The only thing left for Ryan to leave his tenure with the Jets in the dust? Altering a tattoo of his wife wearing a New York Jets jersey.

Not everyone is as lucky as Ryan, however. Most tattoos are there for life. Which is why it's hard to believe die-hard sports fans make the same mistake and get preemptive tattoos they later regret.

Before the Super Bowl, many Seattle fans were (rightfully) confident their team would be the first since the Patriots a decade ago to repeat as Super Bowl champs. One Seahawks fan was so confident he got a tattoo that read: "Back-to-Back Champions" — before the Super Bowl was even played. Well, the Seahawks lost. The fan? He tried to remove the tattoo with sandpaper.

He's not the only one who's been a little too eager to ink up. Remember the Kentucky fan who got a tattoo proclaiming his men's basketball team's inevitable NCAA championship?

Oops. And yes, while tattoo removal is an available procedure, it can be painful, expensive and comes with risks. The procedure can also require five to 10 separate sessions, and depending on the size and color of a tattoo, in some cases body ink can never be fully erased.

At least one Seahawks fan gambled correctly. After he jumped the gun and got a "Super Bowl XLVIII Champions" tattoo before the Seahawks' matchup with the Denver Broncos, the Seahawks did eventually win that game — and in dominating fashion.

But that was just good luck. So while Ryan was able to change his tattoo from Jets' green to Bills' blue, not everyone can be so lucky. Just wait until after your team wins before getting inked up.


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