A Call For Super Bowl Haiku

Official submissions are now closed. The OAG Hut Hut Players need time to work their magic. It's too late to get your haiku on the air, but feel free to keep sharing anyway.

It's 5…7…5
Like a QB calling plays
In the Super Bowl

…which is coming up on February 7th. And the first listener-submitted three-line poem featuring the syllabic formula of five and seven and five has already arrived in the Only A Game mailbox. Tim McCusker, who listens to our show on WRVO in Oswego, NY, submitted this gem:

“To Hell with the L!”
The media chiefs pondered,
“Just play game fifty."

Submit your Super Bowl Haiku poems here or by emailing us at We just might read yours in Super Bowl Haiku, installment number XXII, which will run the weekend of Super Bowl L…I mean “50”!

This segment aired on January 16, 2016. The audio for this segment is not available.


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