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3 Stories: Romo's Speech, Presidential Golfers, Cy Young Controversy

"It was a rare moment of what certainly appeared to be honesty," Cindy Boren says of Tony Romo's recent speech.
"It was a rare moment of what certainly appeared to be honesty," Cindy Boren says of Tony Romo's recent speech.
This article is more than 6 years old.

For now, Tony Romo will be the Dallas Cowboys' backup quarterback. But it's Romo's statement handing the reins over to Dak Prescott that has people talking. That's where we start this week's "3 Stories You Should Know."

Cindy Boren of the Washington Post and ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr. join Bill Littlefield.

1. Tony Romo's Peaceful Transfer Of Power

After sitting out the first 10 weeks of the 2016-17 NFL season with a back injury, Dallas Cowboy's quarterback Tony Romo is healthy and able to play. But unless things start to go south for the league-leading 8-1 Cowboys, Romo will remain on the sidelines. That's because rookie Dak Prescott has "earned the right to be our quarterback," as Romo says. He spoke emotionally about the great job Prescott has done leading the team this season. Cindy Boren thinks Romo's speech was an encouraging sign.

"You don't see this very often, and when you do, you're struck by the people who handle it so well and with so much grace. It was a rare moment of what certainly appeared to be honesty. And, you know, for those of us deal in sports, when all people do is spout cliches, or don't spout anything at all ... it was really something."

2. Golf And The Presidency

Here's a little-known statistic about the most recent Presidential election: This is the 9th consecutive time, since 1980, that a golfer has beaten a non-golfer for the White House. Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Bob Dole, Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton. None of these candidates played golf. Every one of them lost to a golfer. Don Van Natta wonders why that is.

"Now I admit, this is obviously absurd political analysis, but it raises a question: Why is that? And the streak raises another question: Why did we bother with all those polls when we had this apparently unbeatable metric to guide us to Nov. 8's result?"

3. How To Decide MLB's Postseason Awards

Red Sox ace Rick Porcello won this year's AL Cy Young Award despite only receiving eight of 30 possible first-place votes. Model Kate Upton took to Twitter to air her grievances. Upton argued her fiancé, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, was more deserving. Bill Littlefield also thinks the postseason award voting system should change, but in a different way.

"Hitters should determine the winner of the Cy Young Award, they know who the best pitchers are. Managers should determine the MVP, they know who beats them. Provide the players and the managers with stats, tell them they can't vote for their teammates and Kate Upton would have nothing to complain about."

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This segment aired on November 19, 2016.


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