Dragon Boat Racing, Latina Commissioner, Stanford Band

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Breast cancer survivors had long been told that upper body exercise was dangerous — then a group in Vancouver started challenging that idea ... by dragon boat racing. This week on Only A Game, how a 2,000-year-old Chinese sport has been embraced by women worldwide. Also, the story of Gloria Nevarez, the first Latina commissioner of a Division I conference. And "The Play" that cemented the Stanford band's place in history. Join us!

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Gloria Nevarez: A Groundbreaking Commissioner's 'Obligation' To Advocate
Gloria Nevarez is the first Latina commissioner of an NCAA Division I conference. She reflects on race, gender and identity.

3 Stories: MLB And Gambling, Atlanta United, Jeopardy!
Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports and New York Magazine contributing editor Will Leitch join Only A Game's Karen Given.

The Play That Cemented The Stanford Band In College Football Lore
Stanford's band is known for scattering into formation — and for its role in "The Play."

Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports
Karen Given and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss how a letter from 9-year-old Riley Morrison inspired gender equity from Steph Curry and Under Armour. Also, why some football fans are naming their babies "Baker." And an Irish football player returns from the dead.

Breast Cancer And Dragon Boat Racing: The Story Behind A Movement
Thousands of breast cancer survivors around the world participate in dragon boat racing. What's the connection between the ancient Chinese sport and breast cancer?

This program aired on December 1, 2018.


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