Thanksgiving Leftovers

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(Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
(Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

In a Thanksgiving tradition that dates not quite as far back as the pilgrims, we've got tupperwares full of leftovers — tales that didn't fit into other episodes — this week on Only A Game. First, the story of Marcellus Wiley "stealing" a pair of shoes from his childhood idol's locker. Plus, a look at the friendship between running back Marshawn Lynch and kicker Stephen Hauschka — both in real life and in cartoon. And a song about Canadian hockey player Eddie Shack that topped Toronto's music charts. Plus, many more. Join us!

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The Day Marcellus Wiley 'Stole' Bruce Smith's Shoes
After he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills, Marcellus Wiley sat just two lockers over from his childhood idol Bruce Smith.

'I'm Going To Play Golf Tomorrow': Yogi Berra's Last Moments As Yankees Manager
Dale Berra says that playing for his dad, Yogi Berra, was a dream come true. And then Yogi got the axe.

Grover Cleveland Alexander And The House Of David's Baseball Team
Hall of Fame pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander played for the House of David baseball team. But he didn't follow the same rules as other members of the team.

After 27 Years In Prison, Valentino Dixon Uses An iPhone
Valentino Dixon was exonerated in September of 2018. His struggles with his first iPhone led to an unexpected encounter.

Christening An Antarctic-Bound Ship With 'The End Of The World'
Jill Heinerth and her colleagues set off to Antarctica. But there was a bad omen from the outset.

Lynch And Haushka: 'Sports Friends' In Cartoon ... And Real Life
Before they created 'Game of Zones,' Adam and Craig Malamut made 'Sports Friends.' One of the friendships dramatized in the cartoon was very real.

How Rape Survivor Brenda Tracy Found Her Biggest Fans
For more than a decade, Brenda Tracy didn't tell her son that she was a rape survivor. When she decided to have that conversation, she was surprised by how it went.

'Clear The Track': How NHL's Eddie Shack Topped Toronto's Music Charts
'Hockey Night in Canada' commentator Brian McFarlane enjoyed chart-topping success when he wrote a song about one of his favorite hockey players.

Keith Comstock's Life After His Legendary Card
Keith Comstock's posed with a ball to his crotch for his famous 1989 baseball card. But when he became a manager, Keith shut down some of his players' pose ideas.

Pete Rose Remembers His Performance In The 1975 World Series
Many consider the 1975 World Series as the greatest of all time. Pete Rose isn't shy about sharing why he agrees.

This program aired on November 30, 2019.


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