It's Bad For You, It's Good For You: Red Meat

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A beef chuck roast (Matt Rourke/AP)
A beef chuck roast (Matt Rourke/AP)

Have you been following your doctor’s orders and limiting you red meat intake? If you’re a meat lover, here’s some nutrition news that might make you regret all those steaks you didn’t eat.

Sometimes researchers begin a study expecting a certain outcome and end up with a different result. This is one of those studies. It was done by the Harvard School of Public Health to review the evidence that eating red meat can cause heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

The researchers looked over nearly 1,600 studies and were startled to find that even though the health risks of red meat seem well-established, the evidence for that is actually mixed.


  • Sacha Pfeiffer, WBUR health & science reporter
  • Joan Salge Blake, Boston University dietician


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