Bike Lanes: A One-Way Path To Controversy

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Whether you depend on your bike to commute to work, to ride around with your family, or to do some serious cycling, you've probably been on a bike lane or two.

Boston-area bike lanes are cropping up everywhere. So maybe bike lane controversies were inevitable. But Bostonians are now embroiled in not one, but three local bike lane controversies.

One has to do with major renovations planned for the Longfellow Bridge, and a big question there is how bikes and cars will share the bridge's prime 78 feet of thoroughfare.

Then there's Charlestown, which received its first set of bike lanes on Main Street this fall, only to have those lanes scrubbed from the street this week when the neighborhood council complained.

And finally, in Arlington, one man says he's spent $60,000 in legal fees fighting bike lanes that the town wants to put on Massachusetts Avenue in East Arlington.


This segment aired on December 10, 2010.


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