Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, Small Package With A Big Voice

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While Aly Spaltro, better known as Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, only moved to the Boston area this month, her music has graced the city's music venues for much longer.

One critic dubbed her "Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan's love child" and wrote that she has a "poetic lyricism comparable to indie favorites like Neutral Milk Hotel and Death Cab For Cutie."  This year, she was named Boston's Best Folk Artist at the Boston Music Awards.

The 21-year-old Maine native calls the whole experience a roller coaster ride. Spaltro only began performing in public three years ago. Her first gig had three people in the audience — and she says she circled the block in her car three times before convincing herself to go on stage.

Getting an audience in the door isn't a problem now; Spaltro has been performing for packed houses throughout Boston and New York. Spaltro now lives in Somerville with only a few possessions to her name, and her musical future is evolving. But many critics say something great is coming in this small, 5-foot-2-inch package.

We'll talk to Lady Lamb The Beekeeper and get a special in-studio performance.


This segment aired on December 21, 2010.


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