Suit Says New Balance Toning Shoes Don't Tone

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Bistra Pashamova, the California woman suing New Balance, accuses the company of false advertising when it comes to its toning shoes. The shoes are supposed to help tone and tighten leg and butt muscles. Pashamova called the company's promises of the toning effects of their shoes "nothing more than deceptive marketing tools."

(malik ml williams/Flickr)
(malik ml williams/Flickr)

In her suit, Pashamova cited evidence from a study released last summer by the nonprofit American Council on Exercise. In that study, a group of researchers from the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse studied four pairs of shoes: three toning and one regular, in an attempt to figure out whether the toning shoes lived up to the manufacturer's promises.

We'll look at the lawsuit Boston-based New Balance is grappling with.


  • Jenn Abelson, business reporter, Boston Globe
  • Professor John Greany, physical therapy program, Department of Health Professions, University of Wisconsin LaCrosse
  • Dr. Frank Santopietro, podiatrist in private practice; former New England Patriots podiatrist


This segment aired on January 5, 2011.


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