Study: One-In-Six Americans Has Genital Herpes09:57

This article is more than 9 years old.

A new, landmark study finds that one in six Americans already has genital herpes. One in six.

And with the whole six degrees of separation thing... yeah, you know what that means: you probably know someone who has herpes. And another thing, 80 percent of people don't know they have it.

“You can have lesions or not, you can have symptoms or not," Dr. Lydia Shrier, an adolescent medicine specialist at Children’s Hospital Boston, told CommonHealth's Carey Goldberg. "You should basically be operating the same way, which is to assume that everyone has herpes.”

We get the latest on the new, scary study.


  • Carey Goldberg, co-host of WBUR's CommonHealth blog
  • Dr. Lydia Shrier, adolescent medicine specialist, Children's Hospital


This program aired on April 26, 2011.