Lawmakers Seek To Ban Designer Drugs Sold As 'Bath Salts'

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Bath salts like these are sold in stores. (666ismoney/Flickr)
Bath salts like these are sold in stores. (666ismoney/Flickr)

Dangerous new designer drugs marketed legally as "bath salts" are taking parts of New England by storm.

Massachusetts and other states are trying to crack down with new laws, but some say that only perpetuates a failed war on drugs.


  • Ron Gastia, chief of police, Bangor, Maine
  • Dr. Chris Rosenbaum, toxicologist and assistant professor of emergency medicine, UMass Medical School
  • Mark Kleiman, editor, Journal of Drug Policy Analysis; professor of public policy, UCLA; co-author, "Drugs and Drug Policy: What Everyone Needs To Know"

This segment aired on August 10, 2011.


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