Comedian Marc Maron Talks Boston, Podcast And The Art Of Interviewing13:26

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Comedian Marc Maron (Courtesy)
Comedian Marc Maron (Courtesy)

Comedian Marc Maron leads a complex inner life. This is no secret to anyone who has followed his long stand-up career. Here he is at the Montreal Comedy Festival in 2010:

It's weird, when you're kind of an ass, like me, when somebody leaves you, there's part of you that thinks, 'Good for her. That took a lot of guts to leave me. I've been trying to leave me for years.'

And when you think about how Maron has really been pouring his guts out on stage since the mid-80s, the nature of his recent career Renaissance is less surprising.

In 2009 he launched a smash hit podcast called "WTF," in which he has conversations with fellow comedians — long, probing, deep conversations about work and life. He's landed virtually every living funny person you've ever heard of, in part because he's been around for so long he knows everybody. And the conversations get real.

Maron is doing two shows in Boston tonight at the Wilbur Theatre. He spoke to us yesterday from his makeshift podcasting studio in LA. He began his career in Boston after graduating from Boston University, and so I started by asking about his major, the neighborhoods he lived in, trying to get him to tell some funny story about his college days. But I should have known — that's not where the conversation would end up.

Marc Maron will perform two shows at the Wilbur Theatre on Jan. 27.


This program aired on January 27, 2012.