Documentary Explores Relationship Between Dance And Human Heartbeat16:00

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Music, dance, architecture and the beat of the human heart are all part of "HeartBeat," a piece by Lexington-based artist and composer Christopher Janney.

Janney first created the work back in 1981. He hooked up a dancer to a special wireless monitor that amplifies the electrical impulses from the heart so that he could use the dancer's own heartbeat as the rhythm track of the dance.

Some of the world's most renowned dancers have performed Janney's piece, including Sara Rudner and Mickahil Baryshnikov.

Now the story of Janney's "HeartBeat" is told in the documentary film "What is a Heart?" by director Ted Bogosian.

"What is a Heart?" will be shown at the Woods Hole Film Festival at 8:00 p.m. on Aug. 1.


  • Chris Janney, artist and composer
  • The Persuasions  a capella group

This segment aired on July 30, 2012.