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Hamish Napier isn't your average musician. The Strathspey, Scotland native has played on a dozen traditional Scottish folk albums, but his sound today is remarkably unique.

While in a taxi cab in Glasgow, the driver noticed that he had a piano with him, and asked him if he knew Ray Charles.

Hamish said no, and that's when he started listening to him.

Napier was immediately interested in contemporary American music, and has since spent the past year studying contemporary music at Berklee College.  Today, he plays in a half-jazz, half-Scottish traditional folk band in Glasgow.

Hamish Napier joined Radio Boston in studio with fellow Berklee musician by Jenna Moynihan on fiddle.

The Hamish Napier Band will perform live at the ICA tonight as a part of their Free Thursday Night program.


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This segment aired on August 2, 2012.