Ugandan Gay Rights Group Sues Springfield Evangelist Scott Lively

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(Courtesy of Sexual Minorities Uganda)
(Courtesy of Sexual Minorities Uganda)

A highly controversial case was back in federal court in Massachusetts this week. It pits an African-based gay rights group, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), against a Springfield evangelist, Pastor Scott Lively.

Lively is famous for his anti-gay rhetoric. SMUG is suing Lively, saying he allegedly incited the persecution, arrest, torture and murder of gay men and lesbians in Uganda.

This week, Lively and his lawyers were in court arguing that the case should be dismissed.

In 2009, the Ugandan legislature considered a bill that would have imposed the death penalty for the "offense of homosexuality." The bill has not become law, but it was supported by one of Lively's contacts in Uganda. And Lively has traveled to Uganda and preached against what he calls "the international gay movement," which he says is committed to corrupting the country's "moral culture."


  • Scott Lively, Christian pastor in Springfield and president of Abiding Truth Ministries
  • Reverend Kapya Kaoma, Researcher of religion and sexuality for Political Research Associates, attendee Scott Lively's conference in Uganda in 2009, and author of "Colonizing African Values" and "Globalizing the Culture Wars"


This segment aired on January 10, 2013.


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